VIR / 3GN Competitive Shooting Weekend


The 3GN Club Series events will be two days each, featuring two separate shooting formats. Day one of each event will feature a traditional 3-Gun club match, and day two will feature a single-gun discipline such as rifle only, shotgun only, precision rifle and even sporting clays—and more.

Registration is open, including first-time, non-3-Gun Nation members. Competitors have the option of shooting one or both match days.

The range is first-class and the hotel and food options on the property are top-quality. It truly is a entertainment destination, shooting facility and resort all rolled into one.


Once a Month…A weekend at VIR–Two Separate Matches..we are developing a match weekend formula, shoot a match on Saturday--Stay at VIR–enjoy the onsite Hotel, Bar and Restaurant, then shoot a completely different match type on Sunday. Local two-day formats where shooters can shoot one or both matches.

A different match type each day:
3-Gun, shotgun only , rifle only, two gun, pistol only, rimfire, pistol carbine will all be part of this format, with 3GN rules and match presentation being the consistent common denominator.

The VIR Shooting Club is the perfect option for anyone interested in shooting – whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro. Our Shooting Club offers skeet shooting, pistol and rifle training, concealed carry handgun safety instruction and more. Club members have access to five National Rifle Association approved firing ranges, including a 12 and 20 gauge skeet range, 1000 yard known distance rifle range capable of rounds up to .338 Lapua and a live fire shoot house. Rent a gun from us – we have Glock 19 9mm handguns and Smith &Wesson, P 15 .223 rifles available – or bring your own. Ammunition is available for purchase onsite. The VIR Shooting Club is also a great option for a corporate retreat, family reunion or other group event! We offer two group programs, the Glock 19 Pistol Experience and M4 Rifle Experience, designed to introduce participants to tactical Firearms and build individual confidence.

2017 3GN Monthly Schedule at VIR

February           11-12
March                12
July                   1-2
August              5-6
November       10-11

Please check back often as additional dates may be added.

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