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Media Rules and Procedures

VIRginia International Raceway welcomes all members of the media to request credentials to any of its spectator events. To obtain credentials, please review the following procedures.


  1. VIR will review credential applications for working print, broadcast journalists & still photographers. Internet-only journalists will be considered on a space-available basis depending on the legitimacy & popularity of the website they are representing. VIR reserves the right to limit the number of media credentials issued. You must be 18 years of age or older to apply for a credential. Professional attire required.
  2. Please have your supervising editor provide a letter of assignment written on company stationery. The letter must state in what capacity you will be covering the event (i.e., newspaper reporting, radio broadcast, television coverage, online reporting, photography, etc.) and which event you wish to cover.
  3. Media credentials are issued to working media only. All credentials are non-transferable and any unauthorized use will subject the bearer to confiscation of the credential and removal from the premises. A request for credentials does not guarantee they will be issued.
  4. All freelance credential requests must be submitted by the editor of the publication requesting services. We are unable to credential freelancers unless they are on a specific assignment from a recognized media outlet.
  5. All media credentials will include parking in a designated media parking area as space allows. Parking will be determined by the sanctioning body renting the track. Details will be provided with event-specific credential confirmation.
  6. If more than one credential is needed per media outlet, please specify the nature of the assignment (photo or writing) and complete a separate credential request for each person.
  7. VIR reserves the right to immediately revoke event credentials at any time and require exit from the property in the case of any conduct deemed detrimental to the safety of themselves, or others, or to the safe operation of the facility.
  8. Approved media are not to take pictures of their credentials and share on social media, email, text message or any other form of communication. Credentials will be revoked if this is seen.


  1. Any photographer on assignment from a newspaper, magazine or other publication will be considered for a photographer’s pass. Photographers should provide samples of published work.
  2. In the interest of safety, there are a limited number of photographer passes that will be issued per publication. If photographers are assigned for different days, please specify which days they will be working the event.
  3. Long pants and closed-toe shoes are required for Pit Lane and Trackside access. No shorts, tank tops or open-toed shoes are allowed. Photographers will be issued a Photo Vest that must be worn at all times. Photo Vests may not be shared under any circumstances. All Photo Vests must be returned to Security at the main entrance or the Media Center when departing. If the sanctioning body in charge of the event being covered requires more strict clothing rules for access to hot areas, those rules must be followed at all times.
  4. All photographers must attend a safety meeting at our track (usually held in the morning before on-track activity during events) in order to receive a photo vest allowing trackside access. A signed waiver and written acknowledgment of track photo rules may be permissible at some events in lieu of a safety meeting. Please check your confirmation letter for event-specific information.
  5. Photographers will be provided with a combination to security padlocks for access to photo areas. Combinations are not to be shared with anyone. Failure to close and securely relock gates may result in the immediate revocation of event credentials. Combinations will be provided when you pick up your photo vest.
  6. Under no circumstances will crossing the track or any paved areas inside the track fence, standing at or on the tire barriers or jumping fences be allowed. Ladders of any type are not permitted inside the track fence. Photographers must obey any instructions from corner and/or track workers at all times or risk immediate revocation of event credentials.
  7. Video, film footage and photographs shot on the grounds of VIRginia International Raceway may only be used for legitimate news coverage. There is no commercial photography or solicitation allowed on the premises. Anyone found soliciting on the track grounds will be removed from the premises and lose all privileges for future events.
  8. Photography at the Villas at South Bend is not allowed as these are private residences.
  9. VIR reserves the right to immediately revoke event credentials at any time and require exit from the property in the case of any conduct deemed detrimental to the safety of themselves, or others or to the safe operation of the facility.
  10. The use of motorized vehicles is not permitted through any gate except for the gate at corner station #5 and station #10. Vehicles need to be parked in the designated parking area.
  11. Please review the accompanying Photographer’s Track Map, which will indicate approved flag stations. You must remain within a reasonable distance to the corner stations. Orange zone indicators have been placed at ground level and are indicated on the photographer access map. DO NOT go beyond these points.
  12. Only photographers WEARING track issued vests and VIR Photographer Hard Cards are allowed to work inside the spectator fence. Sharing of vests and Hard Cards will result in dismissal. If your publication has a need for additional photographers, please have the editor request them through proper channels.
  13. Photographer will be charged $50 in the event your vest is not returned at the end of the event.
  14. No consumption/use of controlled substances is allowed prior to the end of all daily track activities.
  15. The private use of any Unmanned Ariel System/Drone is not permitted at VIR. Any other use must comply with VIR Policy and FAA guidelines.
  16. *Approved media are not to take pictures of their credentials and share on social media, email, text message or any other form of communication. Credentials will be revoked if this is seen.



All media credential requests are due no later than one week prior to the start of each event. Requests received after the deadlines are not guaranteed approval.



  1. Confirmations will be sent via e-mail to the specific person making the request only. No confirmations will be sent one week prior to the event.
  2. When you receive your credential confirmation, please review the information and contact us immediately if you feel we have provided you with a credential that does not give you appropriate track access, or if you have other questions.



VIR does not mail credentials. Credentials will only be issued at the track upon receipt of a signed waiver and acknowledgement of track photographer guidelines and after presenting proper ID at registration. You cannot sign for another reporter or photographer’s pass. Location of registration and hours for credential pick-up will be included with your confirmation e-mail.



Access to the Media Center (location will be TBD by event) is available for working deadline media only. Space is limited and provided at the sole discretion of VIR. Availability of high speed Internet access is subject to demand.



All credential decisions are made by VIRginia International Raceway at its sole discretion. Questions regarding credential procedures and/or types of credentials can be directed to: Keri Davis, 434.822.7700 x 115 or



Complete the Media Credential Request to request a media credential.

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