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Driving Activities


Driving Packages:

The driving packages offer a stimulating environment for friendly fun while increasing team building and problem solving skills. Packages require groups to be divisible by three. For more details, call Anna Obst at 434.822.7700 Ext. 105.

Track Package:

This one day driving package will take place on one of Virginia International Raceway’s renowned courses. It includes close proximity paint trading driving, serpentine drill, dead driver recovery and more.  Instructors are present to ensure a fun and safe environment for all. This program makes memories. Custom Pricing

Off-Road Package:


Experience the southern Virginia countryside with this off-road package. After a ‘Hood Brief’ style class you will learn about 4×4 theories, recovery gear, and traverse an obstacle course. Your day will wrap up with a ‘cross-country’ trail drive. Custom Pricing

Formula and Prototype Driving Experience:

Participate in an exclusive program not found at any other race track in America. Get the chance to drive or ride along in modern, high-downforce specialty race cars, an experience you will never forget. Schedule your thrill ride in single or two-day options, or purchase five-lap ride alongs as part of your VIR group or corporate event. For more details, call Anna Obst at 434.822.7700 Ext. 105.