Security Director Position Available

VIR is looking for a motivated individual that wants to be part of a competitive and closely knit team. We are looking for someone who has strong management skills and that can be a leader more than a boss. Experience with customer service and strong people skills will be required. This individual needs to be able to embrace technology and to use it creatively to advance this department.

Former experience in Security, Law Enforcement and the Military is not required to be considered. The ability to work with people and to be a contributing part of a team are required to be considered.

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VIR Employment Application 


Security General 

● Needs to be able to work multiple weekends throughout the season.
● Must pass a background and drug test
● Ability to stand for long hours and to work outdoors
● Ability to be personable and patient with our guests

● To be presentable and in uniform at all times.
● Ability to be able to work in multiple environments such as the front gate, parking and the paddock.
● Need to be able to work with and learn technology.
● Responsible for knowing VIR policy and regulations and to be able to communicate them to our guests

The items listed above are the priority, but do not exclude you from being a VIR World ambassador at all times and offering assistance to all VIR programs/employees when they are in need.