Administrative Information

Fees: Camping fees do not include the price of admission for spectators. Event tickets and camping fees are purchased at the security gate house entrance.

Electricity: Camping fees do not include access to electricity. Electrical access is only available in the North or South Paddock. The electrical fee is $30 in addition to the regular camping fee and may be purchased when paying for camping. VIR will issue an electrical “power band” this band is to be placed on the end of the electrical cord plugged into a VIR power source. Security will periodically check the power stations and will remove any power cord that does not have the proper power band.

Vehicles: RVs, towed campers and tent campers each receive one vehicle pass for the facility. Additional vehicle passes can be purchased for $10. Additional vehicles must be able to be parked within the designated camping space.

Club Events: Camping is permitted during private event evenings, however, the renter is required to pay VIR for overnight security. The amount of security needed for overnight camping is at VIR’s discretion. A group camping rate may be arranged, at VIR’s discretion, if requested in advance by the renter.

General Camping: General camping is not reserved and is paid for at the security gate house at the entrance to VIR.  Camping is not permitted in any building at VIR.

Sewage Removal: Matthews Sanitation is available to pump septic systems at VIR for RV owners. They can be reached at (434) 572-6098.

Garbage Removal: Campers are responsible for collecting all trash and depositing it in the green trash containers located throughout the facility.

Picnic Tables: Picnic tables are available for everyone’s use. Campers are not authorized to move tables from their positions in the camping areas.

Campfires: Campfires/ground fires are not allowed. Fires must be contained in a portable and self-contained off-the-ground fire pit. Campers must bring their own firewood.

VIR Policies: Please see the VIR Policies section for all other information about the facility.