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For those looking to drive their sports, classic, or high-performance car at VIR, the VIR Club is your answer. Members enjoy up to 18 exclusive member driving days each year. We have run groups for beginners and the most experienced of drivers. An SA15 helmet or newer and proper seat belts are required.

The VIR Club provides on-track coaching and instruction to help you master the basics of safe and controlled road course driving. Basic coaching by our VIR Club Chief Instructor is provided free of charge to members. We also have a list of highly qualified Advanced Driving Instructors who, for an additional fee, are available to help you move beyond the basics.

Membership Options

Option 1: (Annual Dues & Pre-Paid Driving Days)

Total: $7,200 (Paid in Full)

*Cheaper if you attend 6 or more driving days a year*

Option 2: (Dues Only)

Initiation Fee: $3,500 (Paid in Full)
Annual Dues: $2,600 (Can be Paid Monthly or in Full)
Driving Day Fee: $175 (Per Day you use – 18 Total Days)

*$500 Military Discount available on the initiation fee*

Graduation Membership

If you are the child of a current VIR Club member and are either recently married or turned 26, you can graduate to your own Membership for a one-time initiation fee of only $500. Annual membership dues and driving day fees apply.

Initiation Fee: $500
Annual Dues: Same As Above

Club Day Registration

Date Course Registration Schedule
March 16-17 Full Course Register  Schedule
April 20-21 Full Course Register  Schedule
May 21-22 South Course Register 


June 29-30 Full Course Register  Schedule
July 29-31 Full Course Register  Schedule
September 15 Full Course Register 


October 26-27 Full Course Register  Schedule
November 9-10 Full Course Register  Schedule
November 26-27 Full Course/Grand Course Register 


Looking for insurance? 

With HPDE and Time Trial insurance through Hagerty, you can keep your focus where it belongs – the drive. Let us protect your car with our affordable HPDE insurance program*, offering coverage for your vehicle while it’s on the track, unlike your standard insurance plan.       

What we protect: 

Your personal vehicle against damage while participating in an HPDE event 

Your car while on the track and in the paddock 

Physical damage to your vehicle incurred by you, one additional driver (if pre-approved), and your driving instructor. 

Note: Liability insurance coverage is not included. 

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* Track day policies underwritten by RLI. Hagerty determines final risk acceptance. Some coverage not available in all states. This is a general description of coverage. All coverage is subject to policy provisions, exclusions and endorsement




1. What safety equipment do I need?
Basic highway safety equipment on your vehicle. An SA15 helmet or newer is required on track. Roll bars are needed on convertibles.

2. How many run groups does VIR Club offer?
VIR Club offers 4 run groups.

3. What are the run groups for VIR Club?
This is our novice group. Consists of paced, speed-restricted track sessions with no passing for drivers. Classroom sessions included by the VIR Club Chief Driving Instructor. Convertibles without roll bars are allowed.

Consists of non-paced sessions with passing permitted after receiving a point-by from the driver to be passed.

Consists of non-paced sessions with passing permitted after receiving a point-by from the driver to be passed. This group is perfect for those who want to push their car and skills to the limit.

Consists of non-paced sessions with passing permitted after receiving a point-by from the driver to be passed. This group includes all formula, open-wheel, and sports racing cars.

4. Can I still join if I’m brand new to driving on track?
Yes, we offer a group for novices that builds their skills with our Chief Driving Instructor in the classroom and on track.

5. How many sessions do I get on a VIR Club day?
Each group gets 4 sessions on each Club day (excluding Touring Lites – 2 morning sessions but can advance groups if approved by the Chief Driving Instructor.)


For additional information, contact Mitchell Smith, VIR Club Manager, via email at

VIR does not accept Chlorinated Brake Cleaner on the property. If you have questions, please contact Kerrigan Smith at 434-822-3108.