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VIR Kids Club

"VIR Kids Club is the absolute BEST! My kids really felt like 2 little VIP's, and we made memories they will cherish for a lifetime! Thank you to all the VIR staff for such an amazing experience!"
Kids Club Parent


Join Kerby at VIRginia International raceway for the fastest way to fun at the track! By becoming a Kids Club Pit Crew member, you get cool SWAG, fun activity books, driver meet and greets, garage and transporter tours, scavenger hunts, games and activities during events and more! 

Join the Pit Crew for only $25 and secure your exclusive spot as one of VIR’s youngest fans. We can’t wait for you to join the fun with Kerby at the track!


Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What are the benefits of joining the VIR Kids Club?

A: Access to exclusive VIR Kids Club activities on designated race weekends (examples, pro driver tours of transporters/cars and scavenger hunts), official VIR Kids Club credentials and shirt, drawstring bag filled with swag, and more!)

  1. Which events will have VIR Kids Club activities?

A: Scheduled events are: GT World Challenge America, Michelin GT Challenge IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championship, and SVRA VIR SpeedTour (subject to change). An email will be sent out prior to each event with Kids Club activities notifying you of what to expect.

  1. How much does the VIR Kids Club Cost?

A: The fee is $25 for the year (No refunds; all sales are final).

  1. What is the age limit for the VIR Kids Club?

A: We recommend ages 12 and under, as some of the events may not interest older kids.

  1. How do I sign my child/children up?

A: Click Here 

  1. Can I sign my child up at the track?

A: Yes, parents will need to see Amber at the Registration trailer or Patriot building to sign their kids up before they can participate in an activity. We will have a list of the VIR Kids Club Pit Crew sent out prior to each event.

  1. How long will activities take?

A: Most activities will take 15-30 minutes each, but multiple optional activities may occur back to back. 

  1. Can I drop my child off at VIR Kids Club events?

A: No, you must stay with your child while they complete an activity. Events such as transporter tours will require parents to stand outside the transporter until the child has completed the walk-through.

  1. What information does VIR collect from my child?

A: We collect the child’s name, birth date, shirt size, and favorite car brand. We also collect parent/guardian’s name, phone number, mailing, and email addresses for emergencies and VIR Kids Club official newsletters.

  1. What should my child bring/wear?

A: We recommend the child wears their VIR Kids Club shirt (easy to identify), VIR Kids Club credentials (with parents’ contact info), VIR Kids Club drawstring bag (to hold swag and autograph book), close-toed shoes and other essentials as needed (example, sunscreen).