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Photo, Media, and Video Credentials

Request credentials for photo for media access during events and rentals below

General Photo & Media

All photo/media requests must be submitted at least ONE WEEK prior to your anticipated arrival date. Anything submitted less than a week prior is subject to not be processed in time. 

Photographers and Media must be part of an established, legitimate news coverage outlet or publication. 

A Submitted request does not guarantee credential approval. You will receive an email with confirmation or denial of your request. Please do not submit duplicate requests. Duplicated requests do not speed up approval process. We cannot promise to accommodate last minute requests, so please plan accordingly. 

Please note if you are not approved for photo credentials, this means you will not be permitted to access photo gates around the track, but you are still welcome to bring your gear and shoot from any spectator area. 

In addition, members of the media and photographers are required to read and abide by VIR’s media/photographer rules and procedures, and photographer’s access map (will be provided upon arrival).

The private use of any Unmanned Aerial System/Drone is not permitted at VIR. Any other use must comply with VIR Policy and FAA guidelines.

*Approved media are not to take pictures of their credentials and share on social media, email, text message or any other form of communication. Credentials will be revoked if this is seen.

Vest Return/Dropoff

Upon approval, you will be made a packet containing a credential, physical copy of our photo/media rules and map, and an assigned photo vest. Photo vests must be dropped off upon your departure from the property before heading to your next destination at the front gate with VIR security staff. 

This green photo vest is NOT yours to keep and failure to return the vest will result in a $50 replacement fee or denial to any future photo/media requests at VIRginia International Raceway. If the vest is damaged, or accidentally taken off property please contact the VIR Marketing Coordinator at


Drone policies and info

In accordance with FAA regulations, VIR does not permit the use of UAS for any type of commercial photography or videography at any time on the facility.  UAS use may be requested for private use photography or videography during Events.  Information or requests for use must be made to the VIR Creative Marketing Manager or at least 2 weeks prior to the Event.  Approved operators must obey all policies pertaining to photographers when inside the track fence.  Operators of UAS will use approved Landing Zones and fly between 100 and 400 AGL at all times during the flight.