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3-Gun Nation, VIR Partner for 2016 Events

Premier shooting range/auto-racing venue to feature a variety of 3GN events

Many 3-Gun Nation (3GN) members have already heard of the Virginia International Raceway (VIR), as the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Regional, presented by Bushmaster, marked the first major match held at its range. Now, VIR and 3GN have teamed up to take their partnership to the next level in 2016.

As many know, the 3-Gun Nation Club Series features more than 100 member-clubs nationwide, where affiliate clubs provide local 3-gun matches and 3GN Classifiers to competitors. Now 3GN will host its very own custom-made monthly Club Series event at VIR–run by 3GN staff.

“We’re very excited to partner with VIR this season,” said Tennille Chidester, 3-Gun Nation General Manager. “This facility is top-notch and features and nice blend of bay-style stages, natural terrain and long-range shooting. We’re very privileged to call VIR home to our very own monthly Club Series event.”

The 3GN Club Series events will be two days each, featuring two separate shooting formats. Day one of each event will feature a traditional 3-Gun club match, and day two will feature a single-gun discipline such as rifle only, shotgun only, precision rifle and even sporting clays—and more.

Signups for the first event to be held January 16-17 is currently live and is open to all shooters – including first-time, non-3-Gun Nation members. Competitors have the option of shooting one or both match days. Day one will feature a traditional 3-Gun match and day two will feature a rifle-only match. Additionally, the day-one match will feature a Pistol Caliber Carbine option to those interested, and the day-two event will feature rifle-only bay stages, a shoot-house and long-range stage from a four-story tower. The cost is $35 per match.

In addition, VIR will host the 2016 3-Gun Nation Championship & Shooting Sports Expo October 8-9. The inaugural championship event drew more than 1,200 competitors and spectators to the U.S. Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma this past October.

“We are so excited for what the future holds between 3GN and VIR,” said Pete Brown, 3-Gun Nation President. “The range is first-class and the hotel and food options on the property are top-quality. It truly is a entertainment destination, shooting facility and resort all rolled into one.”

To participate in the upcoming event held the weekend of January 16-17 follow the links below. If you are not a 3-Gun Nation member and would like to participate as a first-time competitor you can contact Charles Sole at for specifics. The complete 3-Gun Nation Premiere Club Series event schedule is below.

Click here for DAY-ONE SIGN-UP  (Saturday, January 16)

Click here for DAY-TWO SIGN UP (Sunday, January 17)

2016 3GN Monthly Schedule at VIR

January 16-17
February 13-14
March 19-20
April 23-24
June 25-26
July 23-24
August 13-14
October 1-2
November 19-20

ABOUT VIR: Recently chosen as one of Car and Driver Magazine’s top six road courses in the nation, VIRginia International Raceway is a multi-purpose road course offering professional and amateur auto and motorcycle racing, as well as a wide range of track events. Each year, VIR draws tens of thousands of spectators for some of the best road racing in the country.

 While racing is the heart of VIR, the expansive 1,300-acre property located at the Virginia-North Carolina border is so much more. America’s first true “motorsport resort,” it’s an entire vacation destination with a number of onsite hotel and lodging options. Within the property’s rolling hills and miles of lush forest, guests can enjoy unique amenities such as the exclusive Driver’s Club, karting, off-road racing, skeet shooting, pistol, and rifle ranges, skid pad, dining options, spa and more. For more information visit