Driver Testimonials

“The best kept secret in North American racetracks. Even worthy of an Atlantic crossing!”

-Townsend Bell, IMSA SportsCar Driver

“Well it’s no secret that VIR has been such a special place in my career. from my pro debut to my first pro win and many other on track and off track memories. When we made the show (Dinner with Racers on Amazon Prime), we got to dive deeper into the history of the track and really learn how it came to be and how much love the fans have for it, it made me appreciate it even more. For years VIR was one of the closest races to my home that I got to compete in so my family and I have considered VIR our home track.”

-Ryan Eversley,

“It’s twisty, it’s technical, it’s tight. Just a classic, classic racetrack and it’s sort of the heritage of sports car racing in the U.S.”

-Patrick Long, Porsche Factory Driver

“The track is just amazing with a lot of elevation and a lot of really quick corners. You have the feeling of flying at some point.”

-Patrick Pilet, IMSA SportsCar Driver

“It has a very eclectic mix of corners. You have super high-speed corners likes the esses in Turn 10, but then you have very challenging low speed sections like Turns 4 and 5, getting quicker into 6, and it’s always a very difficult balance to handle the car because one corner feeds into the other, both in some of the low-speed sections and in the high-speed sections, so I’ve always enjoyed that challenge. It’s also challenging to get the car right, to get the setup right for the engineers because you can’t just pile downforce on because you do reach high top speeds, but at the same time you can’t rip it off because you really need some great balance in the low-speed stuff as well. It’s just a very challenging place with a lot of elevation change and I think a little bit of everything.”

-John Edwards, BMW Factory Driver

“The layout of the track makes for quite a long lap, the average speed is very, very high except for that little complex behind the pits. It’s a really old-school layout with the way the corners are, big sweeping corners, and fast. There’s big undulation from the track.”

-Jan Magnussen, Corvette Racing Factory Driver and reigning GTLM Champion

“I remember running one race at VIR back in 1966, I only finished about 12 laps. The track was out in the woods. It looks way different now. I’m glad to see the track is still open and races are still being held there.”

-Richard Petty, The King and seven time NASCAR Champion

“The Lightning Lap on VIR’s Grand Course is the closest thing to Nordscheife ‘Ring’ benchmark in Germany!”

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— “One of the Top 6 Road Courses in the U.S.A.”

“VIR is a very special place to me because it feels like home.  Granted the facility is only a couple hours away from where I live and our BimmerWorld facility, so VIR is our home track, but it goes deeper than that.  A winding road through the rolling Virginia mountains is what I grew up driving on, and sometimes at similar speeds if I’m honest.  The scenery with the architecture of the facilities and some of the historic structures, and most importantly the Southern hospitality of the staff just make it an amazing place to be.  The fact that it happens to be a world-class facility and one of my absolute favorite tracks is the big ball of icing on the cake!”

— James Clay, driver of the No. 82 BimmerWorld M4 GT4

“ I love VIR and let me tell you why. VIR is a world class track, I mean the part you drive on. The track layout is from the old days when tracks have personality and a fantastic flow. It is of course FIA approved, a great visual drive with rolling hills elevation changes, great pavement and gorgeous views. VIR has that and so much more with shooting range, karting, VIR Kids Club, lodging (rooms right over garages, nice hotel overlooking the esses or high end villas overlooking the high speed esses) and the Oak Tree Tavern restaurant, all in the middle of a forest. Whenever I go to VIR I never leave the property the entire event. The number 1 reason I love VIR is simply the people there that make it so special, the staff is like family and will make you feel at home!”

-David Murry, former IMSA driver and driver development and coaching

“ What I love about VIR can be so many things…

*My first professional win in GrandAm competition at VIR is a special memory.

*Having the privilege of calling VIR my home track while being considered as a world renowned circuit.

*When driving through the front gates at VIR with all the friendly faces, truly feeling like its home away from home.

*The complex and balanced nature of the circuit offering tight technical sections while also having some of the quickest combination of corners in the US.”

-Tom Long, Mazda Motorsports factory driver, driving coach and developmental driver


“ I’ve been racing at VIR since the first year it reopened and in addition to it being one of my favorite tracks on the planet, it is also run and managed by some of the best people in the sport that are both thoughtful and forward thinking VIR has an awesome combination of high speed corners, elevation changes and difficult brake zones all mixed together and it produces excellent racing in every kind of car.”

-Andy Lally , WeatherTech Sportscar Championship driver

“VIR represents everything that’s right about racing, both present and past. The track is one that truly challenges drivers with a combination of fast and slow corners, elevation changes, and sections like the esses that simply would never be built today. Yet despite all the high speed sections VIR is one of the safest tracks on the planet given how seriously the staff takes the task of protecting drivers and fans. VIR is also one of the best places to spend a weekend watching racing. They host great events that are fan and family friendly with a staff that goes out of their way to make the guest experience unforgettable. From top to bottom VIR does it right. It’s the venue I look forward to going to most each year.”

-Spencer Pumpelly, Porsche specialist and driver coach


“It’s just a great track… it doesn’t get any better!”

-Boris Said, driver with wins in many of the most prestigious races including 24 Hours of Daytona (1997 & 1998), 12 Hours of Sebring (2004), Rolex Sports Car Series GT Class Champion (2004), 24 Hours of Nurburgring (2005)

“Here, I’ve got something special. I have to say this is my favorite [circuit] here in America.”

— Giancarlo Fisichella, driver of the No. 62 Ferrari GTLM car during the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship at VIRginia International Raceway August 22-24, 2014

“I loved running at VIR…it’s fun, challenging and fast. You come off that last turn before the Esses and then hold on. If everything is right you’ve got a fast straight shot. If not, you’ve got to sort it out and get through there as quick as you can. You really need to keep your wits about you. I’m looking forward to going back.”

— Tomy Drissi, driver of the No. 9 RSR Taken 2 Prototype Challenge Car during the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón at VIRginia International Raceway September 15, 2012

“It is a wild track. It is very fast, daunting in a lot of areas and narrow. It is fun to drive on. To put a really good lap together around VIR is definitely thrilling. You certainly make sure your belts are tight because there some super high-speed edgy areas.”

Scott Sharp, Driver for Extreme Speed Motorsports Tequila Patrón Ferrari

“This is a real drivers track – so we knew the team would run strong here – as both Chris Cumming and Michael Valiante love the challenges that go with a fast and flowing, high-commitment layout like VIR.”

Harrison Brix, JDX Racing co-owner at the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón

“The Lightning Lap on VIR’s Grand Course is the closest thing to Nordscheife ‘Ring’ benchmark in Germany!”

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— Car and Driver Magazine

“The layout of the [VIR] circuit is great. It has a little bit of everything from elevation changes, quick corners, long straights and technical sections that make it very fun to drive. It really offers a great variety.”

Klaus Graf shares the Muscle Milk Pickett Racing HPD ARX-03a with Lucas Luhr in the American Le Mans Series

Note: The VIR track record of 1.36.310 was broken by Klaus Graf driving the Muscle Milk Pickett No.6 P1 with a 1.35.434

“One of the Top 6 Road Courses in the U.S.A.”

– Car and Driver Magazine

“VIR is a great facility and I have been involved with some great races there. I fully expect the ALMS event to be one of the best, if not the best, they have ever seen. There are tons of places for the fans to watch and enjoy the race and the track is not short of good passing zones. There is action everywhere for the fans and the drivers. Over four hours of racing, this should be a memorable event for the Series.”

Bryan Sellers, driver of the Team Falken Tire Porsche 911 GT3 RSR in the American Le Mans Series

“VIR is bad to the bone. This place is really fast, challenging and an enormous amount of fun and rewarding when you get it right. For Ed to have been pacing the kind of laps he was doing here at what we would consider the most difficult track we’ve been to so far, I’m proud of him. He did a great job.”

Guy Cosmo, driver of the No. 02 Tequila Patrón Ferrari 458 Italia, co-driven by Ed Brown, during the ALMS race at VIR September 15, 2012

“If there is a heaven on earth, it is VIR.”

— Paul Newman

“It’s a really beautiful track. Really beautiful part of the country. Very challenging. It’s a very fast track.”

— Patrick Dempsey, Grand-Am Racer

“I think this is the most interesting and fun race track that’s been built in this country.”

— Carroll Shelby

“Truly one of the world’s best race courses!”

— Chris Economaki

“VIR is one of the highest speed tracks we test at in the U.S.  It has many configurations that provide the turn combinations and speeds required to fully test our powertrains to the extreme limit.”

Luke Sewell, Energy/Powertrain Integration for Performance Car – General Motors

“The combination of high-speed aerodynamic turns and low-speed finesse turns at VIR provide a very complete package when you’re tuning a car. VIR is without question my favorite racetrack in the country with facilities that are second to none.”

Jim Mero, Corvette Suspension Vehicle Dynamics – General Motors

“I love driving VIR’s different configurations, with a track surface that has consistent grip levels and is so well maintained. VIR offers the greatest challenge for man and machine in North America.”

Aaron Link, Vehicle Dynamics Engineer for the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 – General Mot

“It’s very technical, twisty and demanding on drivers in all aspects,” says Porsche North American Porsche 911RSR pilot Patrick Long. “It kind of radiates old-school sports car racing. The heritage of the beginning of sports car racing really lives at VIR.” Long’s favorite section comes towards the end of the lap, called The Hogpen: “It’s descending down into the final three corners before the front straightaway. The amount of modulation in the brake and loading and unloading of the car to get it to change direction and ride the curbs is a ballet you don’t regularly see anymore.”

Patrick Long, America’s only Porsche factory racing driver

” I have been on almost every race track in Europe within the last 30 years and on a couple outside of Europe, but the overall package of VIR is the best I have ever seen.”

Thomas Gruber, Legendary Porsche Driver