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Bob Ingram Celebration of Life

We celebrate the life of our friend and advocate, Bob Ingram. 
Bob’s dedicated passion for the Porsche brand has caused him to collect and restore some of the rarest cars and collections. The coolest thing about Bob was that he also drove these cars and allowed others to drive these cars. Our greatest gift was when these cars blessed the hills of VIR with their beauty and sound and the smiles produced by those gifted the opportunity to drive them. Bob’s passion for motorsports was equaled by his passion to meet people that shared in his love of all things automotive. He had a way of greeting you and introducing you in a manner that made you feel special. Bob was a descendent of the last great gentlemen, always composed, always caring and always sharing. He loved to make introductions and was amazing at them. He could introduce a room, knowing what to say about every individual and remembered each person’s name. Bob’s presence will be missed in the room going forward but his legacy will only continue to grow as we will all celebrate the opportunities and friendships he shared with us through the Collection.