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EMS Appreciation Week

                                                                                             (VIR EMS Department at training)

In our business, often the most important people work behind the scenes. You don’t know they’re present until you need them. As we’re currently in EMS Appreciation Week we’d like to share a story from one of our fellow racers.

“On April 1st (how ironic, April Fools Day), I was racing at VIR and finished the Wild Hare Run and was out of the car when I apparently collapsed with a heart attack. And, thanks to your wonderful team, everyone got me back. I am so very thankful for what everyone done and cannot tell your team how much I appreciate everyone being there and not giving up on me. I am only here to follow up with everyone today due to your efforts to save me and I cannot thank everyone enough for these heroic efforts.”

We’re very fortunate to have the best EMS staff in the country and they work hard to make sure that’s the case. Through continuing education programs learning the latest in fire safety to studying/developing lifesaving techniques, they always want to be better. You may not know they’re around, but they’re always ready.

A huge THANK YOU to each member of our EMS team. We would never be who we are without you.


Kerrigan Smith
President & COO