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Reasons Why VIR and Other Top Tracks, Clubs, and Schools are Switching to Track Rabbit™

VIRginia International Raceway has partnered with Andy Lally ALIVE as it launches its second product, Track Rabbit. Though this registration engine is still in its first season, Track Rabbit is continuously adding new features for tracks, clubs, and schools as they explain their individual needs to the ALIVE staff. As more and more feedback comes in, Track Rabbit updates their usability each week to create an optimized system that will benefit users as well as the tracks, clubs, and schools. But the platform is only one reason why are these organizations are racing to adopt Track Rabbit.

The Vision

Built by marketing experts at Andy Lally ALIVE, Track Rabbit is uniquely positioned to set the pace for growing the customer base of tracks, clubs, and schools. How? By introducing an integrated system to the market. Track Rabbit will also provide users with a more cohesive ways to connect with their community and other members.

Their vision is to fuel the automotive and motorsports industry through the development of robust products and services that encourages sharing and connectedness. It is the instilled sense of community that will result from this vision that has captured the attention of tracks, clubs, and schools, and has caused many of them to make the switch.

For Clayton Myers, Club Director at VIRginia International Raceway, partnering with marketing and digital experts who are dedicated to the work they do has made an impression.

“There is a very quick response time. We aren’t waiting a day to finish our registration. [Questions] are usually answered in a very short amount of time. [The users] aren’t used to having that personal, hands-on experience.”

Speaking further to the platform itself, Myers continued that Track Rabbit is different from other registration engines because “the track has the ability to mold a living document; to mold and form it so it works best for VIR. We never had this in the past. It was always, ‘This is what it is, this is what you got. Deal with it’.”

Track Rabbit aims to help owners build their business, streamline operations, and create the best user experience.


The Watch List

A feature unique to Track Rabbit, users can bookmark and follow an event they may be interested in attending before they register. By Watching an event, users will receive updates and reminders as the day of the event approaches as well as be able to view who else is attending. This enables users to not only keep track of multiple events at once, but also allows them to interact with and gauge the interest of others.

Although the social features are in their infancy, within a few months they will play a significant role in how members interact with the platform and each other. Myers expects that the Watch List will be a key aspect of Track Rabbit that will improve the overall experience for his members.

“The social aspect is really neat,” he said. “A majority of my members all live within two hours of VIR, so they have the ability to say ‘Hey, Joe is going up there next week—Can I just catch a ride with you?’ just as easily as, ‘I can’t make it this month, but I’ll see you at the next event’. You can simply message someone directly on the site without having to compose a separate email or track down their address. To have that ability is huge.”

New Jersey Motorsport Park’s Chief Operating Officer, Brad Scott, agreed, citing the Watch List as one of the most important features on Track Rabbit because “it gives you the ability to see who is participating at the event or the member day as well as track that share in the social media world.” And the benefit of this social connection ultimately encourages and leads to an increase in registrations.


User Confidentiality
At the request of its users, Track Rabbit has configured their site to allow users to determine who is able to see which events they are attending. In order to protect their privacy the default security setting of the Watch List feature is “Friends Only.” Should users choose to, they can change to “Public” in their Account Settings. With this system in place, Track Rabbit encourages its users to find and add their friends once they set up their account in order to get the best view of event attendance.

Track rabbit wants to be able to accommodate their tracks, clubs, schools as well as each type of user through these kinds of methods, so they are continuously undergoing updates with each new piece of input they receive.


White Labels

When users sign up for track day events, they see a ‘White Labeled’ version of Track Rabbit’s core platform for the organization they are registering with. This eCommerce engine creates a track’s own digital registration presence for events, showcasing their venues and makes it possible for clubs and users to handle all of their race day needs directly through the website.

This integration process provides users with a clear, simple path to register for events and purchase additional services, all on the track’s own website.

Myers believes this feature is not only great for the track, but speaks to Track Rabbit’s mission to connect businesses to their customers:

“The White Label is huge. Being able to personalize it—it pops.” He spoke to how easy it was to learn how to upload photos with images of their members’ cars and how this would give VIR its own, customized page. ‘To be able to put our own photos up—it makes it theirs [the members’], and says, ‘Track Rabbit really cares about the members and they are trying to make it their registration engine.’”


Future Offerings

As a growing system, Track Rabbit is continuously coming up with new ways to improve the experience of its users and engage the businesses of its tracks, clubs, and schools. They anticipate offering as many as a dozen new features, along with additional products they will integrate later this year. Here are just a few our members can expect to see in the near future:

  • One-Click Registration
  • Driver Résumé Validation
  • Membership and Roster Management
  • And much more!

For more information on Track Rabbit and their partnership with VIR, email VIR Club Director Clayton Myers at Don’t have an account yet? Check out to create one and join the community.