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Updated Track Policies for 2014

VIR Paddock

With the paving project that we completed over the winter, the VIR policies have been updated concerning the Paddock and Asphalt. Participants are not permitted to pound stakes or make any holes in any of the asphalt surfaces. Additionally paint cannot be used to make any markings on the asphalt. If tape is used to mark areas, it must be taken up at the end of the event. VIR requests that drip pans are used any time a car is refueled in the paddock and that spills are diluted immediately with Cold Fire. Please notify Security if you do have a fuel or oil spill and they will be happy to assist you with absorbent or Cold Fire. If you must use Jacks or Jack Stands, they must have metal or wood under the jack and jack stands to prevent damage to the asphalt. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Paddock Garage Parking

The grid in front of the Paddock Garages is reserved for Garage Renters, Pit Lane Room Renters and employees of VIR Housekeeping staff. Each Garage rental is authorized to Park on trailer and tow vehicle and a single vehicle in the grid, each Room rental is authorized to park a single vehicle in the grid and the section designated at the end near the false grid is for VIR Housekeeping Staff only.

General Paddock Parking

VIR requests that all participants respect the No parking signs posted in the paddock along Pit Road, the Pagoda, at the Timing Towers and that the fire lanes remain open and clear at all times to allow free access to EMS vehicles.

View the Policies Page for a comprehensive list of VIRginia International Raceway policies.