1. How do I get on the track?
2. What are your policies regarding camping on property?
3. How do I become a vendor at an event?
4. How do I obtain media credentials for an event?
5. Can I rent a golf cart?
6. How do I get a paddock or off-road vehicle pass?
7. How do I ship packages to VIR?
8. What fuel octanes does VIR have available at the track?,

Q: How do I get on the track?
The number one question we get asked is “how do I get on the track?” Folks want to drive their street cars, race cars, street bikes, and just about anything with wheels on the famed VIR road courses. Consistently ranked as one of the best road courses in America, we can understand your desire to get on the track and want to help.

Many of our spectator events have track touring sessions which often benefit a charitable partner. These highway-speed sessions typically are offered during the lunchtime break and have a donation cost of around $10 to $20 per session. We also host a spring open house and fall holiday laps event where we offer a day of track touring that benefits local charities. You can find our track touring event dates on our track calendar.

If you want to drive at speed, the quickest way to get on track is through our VIR Driving Experience. This program offers both an introductory half day and an advanced full day driving experience that allow you to drive the exciting Ariel Atom race cars at VIR. No additional equipment is required. This is a true “arrive and drive” program.

There are also dozens of track day groups, racing schools, and high performance driver education programs that come to VIR each year. Each group has different rules and safety requirements. The best way to stay up to date on groups coming to VIR is to go to our track calendar. Click on a group listed on the calendar and you will see additional information about that group.

And finally the best way to get regular track time in your car is to join the VIR Club. VIR Club members enjoy 18 driving days each year plus many additional benefits, from free access and parking on all VIR spectator events to discounts on purchases at the track. Have a look at the VIR Club Page to learn more about becoming a VIR Club member.

Q: What are your policies regarding camping on property?
Camping at VIR is permitted during all spectator events. If the group renting a VIR track has made advance arrangements to offer camping, then camping may be offered on other event dates. When camping is available, campers are charged $35 per event for tents and $50 per event for RVs. Electricity may be available on a first-come, first served basis for $25 per event. These rates do not apply to the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship in August.

VIR has 9 premium RV camping sites in the north paddock near the false grid. Premium sites offer with water, sewer, and electric hookups. We also have 8 sites in the south paddock that DO Not have electricity and water. Rates for premium RV sites vary by weekend and the premium sites can be reserved in advance through the lodging office at 434-822-7700 extension 101.

You can learn more about our camping options, policies, and see campsite maps by visiting our Camping Policies page.

Q: How do I become a vendor at an event?
Should you wish to sell merchandise or provide a service during any event here at VIR, you must apply to VIR for a vendor permit at least two weeks in advance of the event. For information on vending at any event, a vendor application, and pricing, please contact Crista Walker at (434) 822-7700 ext. 116 or cwalker@VIRnow.com.

Q: How do I obtain media credentials for an event?
Visit our Media Information Page for information on requesting media and photographer credentials.

Q: Can I rent a golf cart?
We offer golf carts for rent to both participants and spectators. You can learn more about our golf cart rental options by visiting our Golf Cart Rentals page.

Q: How do I get a paddock or off-road vehicle pass?
All unlicensed pit, paddock, and other off-road vehicles (i.e., golf cart, pit bike, ATV, etc.) used at VIR must be registered with VIR and have a current off-road vehicle pass displayed on the vehicle at all times. Click here to purchase your Off-Road Vehicle Pass.

Q: How do I ship packages to VIR?
All packages shipped to VIR will be delivered to the TMI Racing Products Store located in the North Paddock. The new shipping address is:

C/O TMI Racing Products
1140 North Paddock Road
Alton, VA 24520

The TMI store will be open 7 days per week for package pick up during normal business hours. On scheduled weekend events the store will be open from 7 am to 6 pm. Please note that all packages will be logged in and signed for at pick up; individuals requesting packages must show a valid identification at pick up.

For teams/persons wishing to ship packages from VIR, the drop off point is the VIR administrative building.

Q: What fuel octanes does VIR have available at the track?
Visit our Fuel Information Page for current information on fuel grades offered here at VIR.