Real Estate

Smitten with VIR? Don’t want to leave? We get that a lot.

Consider making VIR a permanent part of your life by investing in one of our real estate options. From luxury trackside villas to business and flexible space, investing in VIR gives you unprecedented access to the track and onsite amenities that can’t be found anywhere else in the racing world.

Onsite VIR real estate options include:

The Villas at South Bend

Overlooking the fast uphill Esses, one of the most celebrated features of VIR’s course, the two-story luxury Villas at South Bend provide an exciting escape from ordinary accommodations. Features include master and junior suites, a full kitchen, living room, and an upstairs balcony and downstairs patio, both with stunning views of the track. We can also help you rent your villa when you have to be away from VIR. For more info please call or email Will Stutts at 434-822-7700 ext. 109 or

VIRginia Motorsport Technology Park

The VIRginia Motorsport Technology Park is a industrial park that is home to some of the top organizations in the motorsports and automotive industries. Park tenants have a unique opportunity to research and develop products from a trackside location and enjoy lunchtime track access on most days for invaluable testing time. In addition to VIR’s five distinct road courses, tenants can also take advantage of the 5/8-mile karting course, miles of off-road terrain and obstacle courses.

Current VIRginia Motorsport Technology Park tenants include SOVA Motion Vehicle Lab and the National Tire Research Center, both operated by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. Other great tenants include SascoSports, Inc.Krause & Associates, Wisko Race Engineering, Racing For Heroes and Partee Racing.

Our three larger spaces measure 10,000 and 20,000 square feet. Also available for sale or rent are our Speed Suites, twelve 1,200 square-foot flexible units located in the VIRginia Motorsport Technology Park. Lots for sale and build to suit, so we can meet any need.

For more information on VIRginia Motorsport Technology Park, contact Will Stutts at (434) 822-7700 ext. 109 or


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